Reclaim Your Health

How’s your body feeling today? How are you feeling right now? Honestly?
I’ve learned in my own personal life experience that when we don’t feel good, it directly impacts our lives and loved ones too. It’s a lot easier to face challenges of life when our body feels good. So when you feel good, life feels good.

Let’s face it, you’ve probably learned a lot of subjects in your lifetime. Math. Science. Language Arts. Maybe some anatomy or physiology.

But what do you really know about your body? Heck, do you even know your body?

I find it fascinating that you’re taught all of these other things, and possibly know more about those subjects, than the ONE thing that you get for this lifetime: your body. Wouldn’t it make sense to REALLY know it so that you know how to take care of it? I mean, it IS your Soul’s home from the day you’re conceived until the day you die.

So rather than punishing it, taking it for granted, or being at war with it, how about getting to know it and understand it?! Your body a living, dynamic organism that is ever changing….and so is your life. It makes no sense to me to apply a linear process to something that isn’t linear.

As YOU are empowered to know, understand, and trust your body’s signals, you make choices in your current situation with the information you have right now to support your HEALTH and your LIFE. You’ve learned a lot of subjects in your lifetimes: math, science, language arts, music, and who knows what else? How much do you use them?

How much have you been taught about your body?

Rather than a hit-it hard approach, a restrictive approach, or an approach of “more” or squeezing things in, I’m giving you tools that stand the test of time so that we can work together to help you implement practices that create HEALTH, VIBRANCY, and FREEDOM in your body and your life. We’re not doing a fad. We’re working through basics to help you connect to the wisdom of your body so that you know your own answers at any given time.

This is true empowerment for your own health!

Wouldn’t it make sense to really understand it so that you can make decisions for your health based on how you FEEL rather than how you LOOK?

Other people offer just diet and/or exercise. Some coaches offer mindset. Some work with stress relief.  The issue is that you’re just dealing with parts of you. But you’re a whole you!

YOUR experiences, YOUR body, YOUR thoughts, YOUR habits, and YOUR purpose

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I’ve done the work and the research. Let me share it with you. Because you don’t need to read another self-help book. You need to practice and implement practices or habits that allow you to feel good for the long-term.

Meet Holly
I learned how to build my body and create it into a performing machine. I was also a people-pleaser, perfectionist, and a workaholic. I didn’t know my body or myself. It took about 25 years of unlearning and relearning many things…
If you have any questions about working with me or how to get started on your journey to reclaiming your health and life, get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We look forward to hearing from you!
Holly Wade
GROOVE Master Trainer, Certified Yoga Instructor,
MEd in Athletic Administration, Health Coach
It’s my passion to help others create health and vibrancy for the long-term, no matter what their current circumstance is.
I’m happy to guide you on the journey to get better acquainted with your body and yourself.

Living in your body can be FUN when you let it!

I am here to help YOU reclaim your health!


Holly Wade, let me just start by saying Thank-You! You’re an amazing force of inspiration!!! For these past few weeks, you’ve helped me through a strenuous and mentally exhausting time, through you and your programs helping me back to being human… I’m even sleeping, eating healthier and now learning to live from the inside out!

I just love myself and you, looking forward to are continues meetings.

Irene Pro

Holly Wade has an incredible gift!

I so very much enjoyed going to her yoga/meditation workshop last weekend. I had never done yoga before and I was pleasantly happy that I felt like I had had a workout, but non strenuous. The meditation, awe, my new favorite thing.

If you ever have a chance to attend anything that Holly Wade is orchestrating, do your mind, body and soul a favor…attend. 

Dede Deveney

Holly is absolutely awesome. I love working with her. She has a unique way of teaching. She helps one use their body/soul as a tool for self- healing. She doesn’t tell you whats wrong with you. She helps you, whether its sitting on your mat breathing it out(Yoga) a short meditation or some Groove.

She offers awesome soul work classes also!! You always leave feeling refreshed and full of knowledge.

Frankee Jean